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and Constable O5 Kelly piled the limp form of
Hockin In the back of the buckboard while Dr.
Stewart jumped out and held the horses. Then
they whirled around and beat a galloping retreat.
Constable O'Kelly had kept jumping to avoid
the rain of bullets that were directed at him, and
was hit only In the shoe. But not a bullet was
fired at Dr. Stewart as he stood still holding the
horses. In easy range of Almighty Voice's deadly
weapon. The doctor attributes this to the fact
that Almighty Voice knew him very well.

'He could have made quick work of me If he
had wanted to,5 Dr. Stewart said to me, cbut he
knew I was there only as a medical attendant^
and he was sport enough not to take a pot at

By Saturday evening the field guns were well
in place—a g-pounder and a 7~pounder—and at
six o clock the first shells were sent thundering
Into the thicket.

The second shot got the range, and the next
landed plump into the spot where the fugitives
were known to be ensconced.

The heavy barrage of bursting shells lasted for
some time. When it finally ceased and every one
of the one thousand mounties and volunteers stood
breathless, wondering what had happened to the
fugitives, a voice came out of the brush. It was
the voice of Almighty Voice. It said: